Saving yourself money in energy cost while also helping to save and prolong our environment...

Why use Green Home solutions?

You can save a lot of money in bulbs and energy by installing dimmers throughout your home. When it comes to energy efficiency, you have plenty of options.

Our various green home solutions powered by Lutron save you money and help you save the environment. Many homeowners overlook a key energy-saving opportunity – lighting. It accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill. Light controls can help increase energy savings throughout your home.

Saving Energy while Saving Money

Light control offers many ways to help the environment, while beautifying your home. Dimmers and light control systems let you use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life.

With eco-home products, you can save energy without sacrificing comfort or style. Our whole-home light control systems extend energy saving throughout your entire home and our advanced technology allows you to control the latest energy-efficient light sources, such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps. Shading solutions help optimize daylight in your home by reducing heating and cooling costs while making the space more comfortable.

The perfect complement to light and shade control, temperature control gives you the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day—even while you’re away from home, saving on your energy usage. Green Home technology also offers a variety of single room solutions to further increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Light Switches and Dimmer Demo

Lutron is working hard to incorporate and arrangement of light switches and dimmers for homes and businesses. Lutron offers a variety of colors and designs to match décor, back splashes, wood paneling, metal finishes and even a contemporary style. The majority of the Lutron Dimmers even have different textures giving them different feels.

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Light control

Dimming a standard halogen or incandescent light bulb by 25% saves 20% lighting energy. Dim more and you'll save even more. Sensors and a timeclock also help save energy by turning off lights when they are not needed. Potential energy savings: 20%

  • Green Home Light Control
  • Green Home Temperature Control

Temperature control

Temperature control is the perfect complement to light and shade control because it provides the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day—even while away from home, saving up to 16% or more of heating and cooling energy usage. Potential energy savings: 16%

Appliance control

Many appliances—like computer monitors—consume energy 24 hours a day, accounting for 10% of a typical home’s electricity use. Turning off this standby power as part of a total home control system saves energy. Potential energy savings: 10%

  • Green Home Appliance Control